Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cheat found by me

The nintendo 3DS menu was designed by me. A day before it came out.
My bff had a dsi so i couldn't take much looks at the menu so what i did is i drew the shape of a dsi and the menu was all in squares like you get on the 3ds, it had the mii application and i sent it to nintendo. it was expensive, the stamp, from U.S.A to japan but they made it and sent me a letter, money, a 3ds, a dsi, cause i had a ds lite, and 15 games. But don't you do it. it's expensive and the letter went like this;
Dear ***Swan***,
Thank you for your design. It was so great. Because of you we have made more than a million yen in a day! Hope you enjoy.Merry christmas!
Aaron, Flipnote hatena staff member and Nintendo Staff

Bad news on Xmas eve. Yelp!

I might quit this blog sims 2 is kinda boring me i gotta new game so i mighta quit and i put all the cheats so buy had a nice time blogging an'i got a cp membership. so i might quit. MIGHT.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Arcade games point

Public Arcade games

X raider: Asian Emporium
Space Armada: Saloon
More games may be purchased in months like January.
X raider:
You are X. Using the new levels avoid the skulls and press B to shoot your special powers to blast the skulls! Look for keys and warp points.
Space Armada:
The spaceships have white shoots to avoid! Press B to blast them before they blast you or get so low they touch you!
January's Arcade game: Bustin'Out
Use the directional pad to control the ball and dont let it slipp off the edge!Press B to start.
July: Swimming game
Swim until your death!
Can you roll the boulder up the mountain?

Items available in shops today

Looking for something? Go to strangetown store today to find the following items:
Black Mahogany bed: This black bed is just for sleeping on, not for fainting on.
Camel couch: A budget sofa from Sitwell. Wool blanket sold separately.
White Shower: If you won't sing in there then where? Come on, who's watching?
Off-white toilet: If you don't know what a toilet is, you probably don't need one.
Porcelain sink: Your basic sink. Hot and cold water. Rubber stopper. Bacteria.
Brown fridge: Simple style, Simply stylish, our moodiest model.
Massage bubbler: Ease tensions without a prescription. Chlorinated water included!
Deluxe dresser Oak: This sturdy dresser can withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure per bow-tie.
Deluxe white sink: Guaranteed 91% resistant to soap scum!
Mahogany chair: You can sit on it or watch it sitting there.
Fireworks dance machine: Pop,Lock and jive like a pro. Show posers your fresh moves and impress your crew. Dang man!
Deluxe onyx shower: It's not just a shower ... it's a journey beneath a magical waterfall.

How to cheer up/calm down etc

When the sim puts his arms out select dance
If they do a sort of What? Sign select laugh.
If they do sign if they wanna high five select high five.
If they lean forward select Stop
If they lean back select stern yell
If they lean back, stand on one leg and put their hands out select steady
Cheer up
If they do a crying action select console
If they move their arms as if dancing select pep talk
If they stretch their arms out select hug
Calm down
If they look as if they wanna punch you select beg
If they put one hand in your face select yell back
If they put two hands out select calm hands

If they put their face in your face select kiss
If they put their hands on their ear select serenade
If they do a bring it on sign select show off bod

Buzzing with christmas excitement!

In Poland, the Christmas dinner and gift giving takes place on 24th December, so basically, Christmas eve!And as I'm from Poland, I can't wait! And I bet I know what i'll get this year...We eill have bumper posts. Special ones. But I might quit this blog for a month to write another one and after this month I'll be back. Starting 26 December or 25 ending 25/1/12. I will comntinue to master the cheats and content to do with Sims 2:Nintendo DS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

License plate locations

Midnight - Government Laboratory
1am - Art Gallery
2am - Atrium Garden
3am - Basement, on the small stairway leading from the Freezer
4am - Casino
5am - Cattle Shed below the Town Square
6am - Honest Jackson's office in City Hall
7am - Bovine Sanctuary
8am - Deluxe Guest Room
9am - Desert, where stolen items are found
10am - Freezer
11am - Furnace Room
12 noon - Spa and Gym
1pm - Jungle Guest Room
2pm - Lion Lounge
3pm - Modern Guest Room
4pm - Sun Deck
5pm - Penthouse
6pm - Rat Cave
7pm - Jeb Jerky's Room upstairs in the Saloon building
8pm - Sax Lounge
9pm - Secret Warehouse
10pm - Asian Emporium
11pm - Vault

Where the flip is the chest?

Quite hard...well you need the metal detector and go to the back, behind the Oasis on the sand dune. Only if you have the quest.

Story finished off

As she moved towards the poster she was in a space. As she looked to her north she saw the desert she was in.To her west was more of the desert, to her east were some cows. Cows? Useful...
Swan decided the rest is a cliffhanger and we will get her story soon

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Harry potter themed story from Swan Silver Sims 2 DS

When Luna Lovegood finished Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy got hold of her and threw her off in the middle of the vicious desert. For days she looked round, she felt her sanity getting lower and lower...each day she drank from the Oasis to beat her hunger but it was hopeless...the Oasis was a small one. At last she decided to explore, and running through the Sand dunes she found a poster with a town on it. She knew what it was...the Simislands! They spoke English but wrote Simislandian. She followed the poster and looked round.
Sorry but we couldn't finish it off!
We will soon.

Clothes-I wish to change them!

Buy the dresser from Strangetown store. Put it in your room.
P.S Not sure how I done it, I went into my stat panel, checked all info and when I closed it It said I unlocked a new outfit.

$$$ Cheat found!

Quite complicated though, perfect if Saving for rooms, food and furniture.
1. So however rooms you have, check a guest into all of them. So one guest in every rooom.
2. Look at the check out date.
3. Move your date on system settings to a day or two further from the check out date, so if one guest checked out on Monday and someone on Wednesday, my date should be on Thursday or friday.
4. Now get back on Sims 2. You will receive telephone calls. The more rooms the more cash!
Oh and repeat this for more cash!
I done this 3 times and got 3 rooms!

Tan bed mystery Solved!

Very, very happy to tell you the tan bed in the Spa And gym provides you darker colours right? This washes off after 1 day to your original!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Have a good room

Move your clock to those months and find the best items. Put them in your guest rooms. The items are the big items of the month:
Jan.: "Bustin Out" arcade game
Feb.: Satin heart bed
Mar.: Space Armada game
Apr.: Color changing mod bed
Jun.: Sky diving machine
Jul: Swimming game
Aug: Fireworks dance machine
Sept: Sisyphus game (person rolling boulder up mountain)
Oct: Jellyfish
Nov. Pie Factory game
Dec: Yeti statue

Change my hair!

Ok, so you never on the internet find When does the mirror come out? I know when! So, it was 17 December every week the store rotates. Every time I moved the clock 7 days and went on game to the store until I found it!!! When? 9 January 2011. This is the date. The mirror is for $1000.
What can you do? Change your hair and colour.

Change my clothes!

Go to the Strangetown store and buy any dresser. Carry it in your room and select ''Use'' You will be able to then change your clothes!
Tip! Make sure you have it in every guest room!

Tannning bed

So do you want to be Green, Yellow, Grey, Dark grey,Orange, Pink, or Blue? Well, set your date to Any day in APRIL. Go to Strangetown store. You know where you get the big monthly items? Buy the Mod bed and place it in your room. Enjoy!
Or...Have the Spa&Gym built in and go and tan yourself to make your skin dark.I'm not sure if it wears off though.....I hope it does!

Beating Optimum Alfred

It's not extremley easy, but I did it in a few tries. So first you must build in the rat cave. If you do not have it already, buy it from city hall and wait 8 hours or set your clock 8 hours forward. Go to the rat cave and put on your suit (Via the blue tube!) Then travel to the sun deck and find optimum alfred. First click the first icon when it turns white.When it flashes green, move closer ,drag the second item forward and release. Move forward and click the third icon. Same for robots. Fight numbers: Fight optimum alfred 3 times and the robots just 2.
Rewards: Ability to check others in the Penthouse,Apology from Optimum and credits theme song.
Hope you get him!