Friday, 23 December 2011

How to cheer up/calm down etc

When the sim puts his arms out select dance
If they do a sort of What? Sign select laugh.
If they do sign if they wanna high five select high five.
If they lean forward select Stop
If they lean back select stern yell
If they lean back, stand on one leg and put their hands out select steady
Cheer up
If they do a crying action select console
If they move their arms as if dancing select pep talk
If they stretch their arms out select hug
Calm down
If they look as if they wanna punch you select beg
If they put one hand in your face select yell back
If they put two hands out select calm hands

If they put their face in your face select kiss
If they put their hands on their ear select serenade
If they do a bring it on sign select show off bod

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