Friday, 23 December 2011

Items available in shops today

Looking for something? Go to strangetown store today to find the following items:
Black Mahogany bed: This black bed is just for sleeping on, not for fainting on.
Camel couch: A budget sofa from Sitwell. Wool blanket sold separately.
White Shower: If you won't sing in there then where? Come on, who's watching?
Off-white toilet: If you don't know what a toilet is, you probably don't need one.
Porcelain sink: Your basic sink. Hot and cold water. Rubber stopper. Bacteria.
Brown fridge: Simple style, Simply stylish, our moodiest model.
Massage bubbler: Ease tensions without a prescription. Chlorinated water included!
Deluxe dresser Oak: This sturdy dresser can withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure per bow-tie.
Deluxe white sink: Guaranteed 91% resistant to soap scum!
Mahogany chair: You can sit on it or watch it sitting there.
Fireworks dance machine: Pop,Lock and jive like a pro. Show posers your fresh moves and impress your crew. Dang man!
Deluxe onyx shower: It's not just a shower ... it's a journey beneath a magical waterfall.

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