Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cheat found by me

The nintendo 3DS menu was designed by me. A day before it came out.
My bff had a dsi so i couldn't take much looks at the menu so what i did is i drew the shape of a dsi and the menu was all in squares like you get on the 3ds, it had the mii application and i sent it to nintendo. it was expensive, the stamp, from U.S.A to japan but they made it and sent me a letter, money, a 3ds, a dsi, cause i had a ds lite, and 15 games. But don't you do it. it's expensive and the letter went like this;
Dear ***Swan***,
Thank you for your design. It was so great. Because of you we have made more than a million yen in a day! Hope you enjoy.Merry christmas!
Aaron, Flipnote hatena staff member and Nintendo Staff

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